Think about the best mentor you’ve had … someone who challenges you to your best self.

Coaching is not someone telling you what to do or telling you how you are doing it wrong.

Coaching is a unique relationship where you bring your raw materials and desires and a good coach walks alongside you, never challenging you too much or too little. Just enough so that you stretch and grow and end up loving who you become as a result.

I have been privileged to be on the receiving end of some top-notch coaching. It has changed my career trajectory, increased my income 10x, and even impacted my social contacts. These were all places I wanted to go myself; my coaches just helped me get there.

If you have some end goals you would like for your business or your life, why don’t you give coaching a try? I am accredited by the International Coaching Association.

Horses act like mirrors to people’s emotional states. Because of this, they make excellent co-therapists. When the weather permits, I can arrange to utilize my horses in either a therapy session or a coaching session. It is a truly engaging and unique experience.

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We all know that we are over committed and harried – we need to cut some things out of our lives, but which things? It is difficult to know what should be kept and what should be cut. Saying ‘NO’ can be difficult and sometimes stressful. Yet, I believe that a well placed and thoughtful ‘no’ opens up space for an enthusiastic and peace-of-mind ‘YES’!

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