Think about the best mentor you’ve had … someone who challenges you to your best self. Coaching is not someone telling you what to do or telling you how you are doing it wrong. Coaching is a unique relationship where you bring your raw materials and desires and a good coach walks alongside you, never […]

54 days To 2016

I just read another person’s blog post where they noted that there are only 54 days left in 2015. What?!!?!! Yes. And that was the kick in the pants that I needed to return to this writing adventure. My last post was in JUNE, right after my son’s high school graduation. There was a lot […]

Have No Regrets

“Well Mom, eerybody like cake.” This (what Donkey said to Shrek) was the answer I got when I inquired about a graduation cake for my son, who was ending his high school career last week. Yes, it’s true. Everyone does like cake. It was chocolate, with chocolate frosting. And it was mostly gone, the day […]

How To Dance With Your Fear

Fear paralysis – it’s a real thing. It stops us from going to the dentist or the doctor. It prevents men from initiating with a woman; or vice versa. Fear shuts down good ideas. It whispers that you are sub-standard and that no one would want to hear what you have to say. I have […]


I just discovered a new blog – a couple of minimalists who are straight shooters and serious about simplifying their lives.   The thing I noticed in reading about simplifying is that stuff weighs us down.  Excess poundage, too many clothes, too many items on the wall, too many things in our drawers.  I know […]