54 days To 2016

goal setting versus duty

I just read another person’s blog post where they noted that there are only 54 days left in 2015.



And that was the kick in the pants that I needed to return to this writing adventure.

My last post was in JUNE, right after my son’s high school graduation. There was a lot going on at that point, and I thought I would take a couple days off …

Now, SIX MONTHS later, I understand more fully the notion of “never skip twice.” It is Soooooo easy to just quit. Whether with writing or a diet or any positive habit that you are trying to develop in yourself. Skip once- it’s recoverable. Skip twice and the next thing you know, you are half a year down the road.

During the last few months, there have been some new Miriam things; I began a part-time consulting job with a small tech firm (which I love, btw). I lost 20 lbs (!). I had a birthday (quickly approaching that half-century mark). We put one of our pets down, which was heartbreaking, and I’m still not over that.

Our planet keeps turning and the events of our lives pull us forward, yet are we accomplishing all that we want to be/become?

The other day, during a counseling session, one of my clients (who is a published author) asked me what kind of writing I did. I stammered somewhat, and replied, “I don’t know. I have bits of everything – fiction, non-fiction, poetry – and none of it is completed. It’s all there waiting, waiting for something. I wish I knew what.”

I found myself getting quite emotional (which is terrifying if you are the therapist!). The conversation haunted me, because I really DO want to pursue my writing.

At some point, each person has to take stock of their lives and say, “What do I want to do with THIS day?” And not let the dozen’s of ‘to do’s force the direction of the day. Conventional wisdom says, “Do what must be done first and then you are free to do what you want.” I think, perhaps in your twenties, this might be good advice. But at some point, dreams die on the alter of responsibility. At this juncture in my life (and yours too, possibly) I need to reverse those ideas. I need to put the fresh energy into the deep desire; the ‘have to’s have the power to force me to do them anyway, even when I am tired.

So, though my yard needs raking and the lawn needs to have it’s last trim, though all of my bathrooms are dirty and it sure wouldn’t hurt if I cooked something- anything; still, what I am doing is writing.

We each have only 54 days left in 2015. What kind of return do you want for those days? It will only happen if you actually INVEST them in something, rather than let them slip by.

If you have an idea of what you want to use them for, leave a comment – it’s always encouraging to hear other people’s ambitions! : )