Can You Hold Your Greatness?

Did you know the word ‘humility’ has its roots in the word humus, which means ‘earth?’ (As in ‘down to earth’). This curiously, is also one of the root origins for the word ‘human.’ (Pointed out by Madeleine L’Engle, in Walking on Water). One could argue that best versions of ourselves are seen when we […]

The Holy Grail

There is a small painting that I did last year; it hangs on a prominent wall, where I see it every day, to remind me – I am enough. Someone else saw it once and said, “I don’t like that.” I think they thought that I was saying this about myself. That it was some […]

How to be Unhappy

What do you want? I mean really want? My guess being miserable is not the answer to that question! Years ago, I was talking with a friend and the conversation got somewhat heated as I exploded with: “I just want to be happy!” I remember at the time, feeling this was somehow unique. Other people […]