I just discovered a new blog – a couple of minimalists who are straight shooters and serious about simplifying their lives.   The thing I noticed in reading about simplifying is that stuff weighs us down.  Excess poundage, too many clothes, too many items on the wall, too many things in our drawers.  I know […]

Black Friday Madness

I shun Black Friday.   Too many people for an introvert. However, I did get a deal: An app that senses the daylight and adjusts your computer screen with a sepia tint that is much kinder to your eyes than the normal glarish blue glow.  It takes a little while to get used to the […]


Should you wait until someone shows responsibility to give them more or Should you give them responsibility to grow them up into it?     Really, neither is right or wrong, but they do come from different mindsets.  The first proposition really takes into account the overall safety of the venture.  There is very little […]

Act … Before it’s Too Late

I Have a young friend who just lost a close "family" member – those friends you adopt into your family and they are just that.  He died the day before his 23 birthday.   What a shock to all who knew him. Nothing profound or lengthy here – but you know that thing you have […]

Your Beauty

The other day a man told me that when he was younger, he studyed the algorithms that govern star movement and at some juncture, he realized they were the exact same equations that described the movement of swarms of insects.  (!) (At which point I couldn't help myself and I gently said something to the […]