I just discovered a new blog – a couple of minimalists who are straight shooters and serious about simplifying their lives.  

The thing I noticed in reading about simplifying is that stuff weighs us down.  Excess poundage, too many clothes, too many items on the wall, too many things in our drawers.  I know whenever I do a purge of things in a drawer that I never use, there is a sense of being able to breathe easier.

The last few months, about once a week, I get into my closet and I ask: Is there something I can get rid of today?  Usually, I can find one thing.  I have a place where I keep these items for about a month to see if I ever regret putting it there … and I never have yet.

We are overloaded with STUFF.

I’m a little bit dreading the holiday season and wondering how I can bless my friends and family with something of value but not just one more thing to gather dust.

It’s not just physical objects that weigh us down.  Some of us have more relationships than we can actually nurture. Often, we are trying to change more aspects of us than are possible.  Even spiritually, if you focus on too many ideas or habits, you actually achieve none of them.

Less really is more.  Remove one thing from your “to do” list, or  your “should” category, or your garage … it will give you more energy to focus on what remains.  Over time, this gives you distilled space and thought.

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it –

Of Simplicity.  : )

Here is a sample of one of their posts:

Black Friday Madness

I shun Black Friday.  

Too many people for an introvert.

However, I did get a deal:

An app that senses the daylight and adjusts your computer screen with a sepia tint that is much kinder to your eyes than the normal glarish blue glow.  It takes a little while to get used to the color change, but it is great on the eyes; and … its



Should you wait until someone shows responsibility to give them more


Should you give them responsibility to grow them up into it?



Really, neither is right or wrong, but they do come from different mindsets.  The first proposition really takes into account the overall safety of the venture.  There is very little risk involved for either party.  The latter requires that both risk.  It may not work out well. 

When I was younger, I definitely employed and preached the first; now that I am older, I feel like I might lean more toward the second.  Because sometimes people don't know what they're capable of until someone trusts them with something.  Whether they succeed or fail, either way, hopefully, they will grow.  And growth seems more important than safety.  Usually, they are in opposition to one another.

Act … Before it’s Too Late

I Have a young friend who just lost a close "family" member – those friends you adopt into your family and they are just that.  He died the day before his 23 birthday.  

What a shock to all who knew him.

Nothing profound or lengthy here – but you know that thing you have been putting off doing or saying?  Either because it's too hard or makes you uncomfortable or you're too busy, or too insecure?


You may not have another chance.  


Your Beauty

The other day a man told me that when he was younger, he studyed the algorithms that govern star movement and at some juncture, he realized they were the exact same equations that described the movement of swarms of insects.  (!)

(At which point I couldn't help myself and I gently said something to the effect of, "How can you see this and not believe that there is a God?" (He is a decided atheist).  He said he felt the whole universe was run by math.  I told him I agreed.  But that I believed that math was CREATED by God).   : )   But I digress … this was not actually the point).

So he continues talking and then shares about how recently, he has taken some statistical equations created a computer program to convert these equations to musical notes – he has created actual songs from these computations.  He has told very few people about these things; He feels like people wouldn't be interested.  

I had the privilege of telling him how wrong he was – how people NEED to see these parts of him.  How he has his own unique glory and we desperately hunger for it.  I actually got choked up as I was talking, because for a moment, he allowed a part of the universe to be illuminated for me – my small brain can barely hold what he was talking about, and yet, because of him, I could see the intricate dance of the known world – a dance that creation does with itself all the time, mostly in the shadows of our deep unawareness. 

We each have a glory to bring.  Most of us have little to no idea what that is … but I do think in our deepest selves, we have an inkling.

Shout that inkling out!  We are blessed by your Glory!