Missed It

For those of you who MISSED the amazing cello / piano duet from yesterday's post …  (and there were several of you).  If you did miss it, your experience was 'less-than', and yet you didn't even know it, until it was pointed out to you. 

Perhaps this is what emotional blindness is; you think you have all the information and you believe you are perceiving things correctly … until your metaphorical eyes are open and all of a sudden you realize that there is more out there. 

The interesting thing to me is that sometimes, people realize for a split second that there is more to be had, and then they turn away.  We all know people like this; there is a moment of insight that could lead to depth … and then it's as if it were a bit of smoke that just dissipates and is no more.

All I can say is that I don't want that to be me.




Because EVERYONE has 5 minutes, even if they think they don't.  Close your eyes and marvel at the way this can slow you down inside.

Beauty pierces the heart and makes you grateful.

Luminous Darkness

From a Richard Rohr post:

[There is a gravitas in the second half of life, but it is now held up by a much deeper lightness, or “okayness.” Our mature years are characterized by a kind of bright sadness and a sober happiness, if that makes any sense. There is still darkness in the second half of life—in fact maybe even more. But there is now a changed capacity to hold it creatively and with less anxiety. It is what John of the Cross called “luminous darkness,” and it explains the simultaneous coexistence of deep suffering and intense joy that we see in the saints, which is almost impossible for most of us to imagine.]


Recently, I received some very sad news for me.  My heart is broken and my life will be forever changed.  The challenge in mature life is to feel the sadness acutely, and yet know deep within that I am okay.

We tend to either feel the grief and plunge into depression or despair –

or, we go into denial mode

or productivity mode

and we MAKE ourselves be okay through sheer busyness.  



within the tension of

"I am firmly in the grasp of God's passionate love for me"

and "My heart is  singing a dirge and conducting a wake"

… this is artful living.


Not there yet, but inviting Jesus into this space.



I had a great idea for today's post – it was to be thought-provoking and overall, fairly brilliant. However, I did not write it down on a sticky note, to return to sometime later in the day, and, alas …


It fell out of my brain.


I hate it when that happens.


But what is one to do, when they have a Swiss-Cheese Brain?  


I have a dream of a working space that has multiple whiteboards to sketch ideas and flows of thought and Miriam-sized post-it notes where my brain can safely reside, knowing the super sticky will keep those thoughts captive.  Someday.


What do you do when you've got nothin'? When you're blank or done?

You admit it.

You let people laugh with you, even at you, and you move on.

It happens to us all – even you.



It week EIGHT of the non-stop constuction in front of our house.  They had steamrolled endlessly, creating a pavable surface and then the next day had the backhoes out there digging 5 foot deep holes in front of each house on the block.  Not sure if this was an oversight, or is that just how it's done?  

Today, they steamrolled in ernest.  Ginormous 18-wheelers full of gravel and sand that shake the house to the point that I wondered if things would fall off shelves … back and forth, starting at dawn and now just ending as dusk …

 I feel this tiny glimmer of hope.

Like the bit of sunshine that bursts through the dark clouds and illuminates the fall leaves … this little bit of cautious optimism has lightened my day.  It is entirely possible that they will pave this sucker by the end of the week, and I will be able to park in my own driveway once more.

One can only hope.