Never Miss Twice

This is the advice given when someone is trying to start a new habit: Never Miss Twice. It's true, we all have those moments when we trash the diet, blow the budget, or forget to write a blog post.  One skip/expenditure/doughnut really is no big deal.  It is the second fail that really messes with […]

The Drag of the Ongoing …

We are having some humongous pipe project going in the full length of the street that runs in front of our home.  For at least three weeks, promptly at 7:30 am the huge diesel engines rev up and the air is punctuated with the incessant beep, beep, beep of the large equipment backing up.  Cranes, […]

The Countdown

When your days are numbered with someone (because you are on vacation or they are visiting, etc) you tend to be more intentional with your time.   We've had all summer to do various things, and now Jessica is leaving for school in two days and we are trying to fit in the last minute […]

This because of that

The puppies we are fostering are STILL ill … it's been two weeks now.  The interesting thing is that because they feel rotten, all they want is to be quiet and cuddled.  This people attraction will serve them well for their life-time.  The one puppy who was the least sick is also the least people […]

Good Will

There is a man I met not too long ago in his-mid-to-late-60s who works with leather.  Terrell is his name.  I called him on the referral of another friend and asked if he could help me with some work I needed done.  He said yes and so I drove to his workshop-behind-his-house and we chatted […]