We are painting our house – I have to say, I love the color – a deep, brick / barn red.  The folks who previously owned the home stopped by the other day and I asked them what they thought of the new paint job. I was saddened that they didn't like it.  They didn't […]


I asked a business owner what her services cost.   I had already had this conversation with the front desk. The owner looked confused and referred me to her billing agency. I was not impressed. A phone call later, I understood, and in the end decided to go with her, but I'll be honest with […]


Because we are putting in a new water line, I have a gi-normous hole in our yard.  It looks like we are trying to bury someone / something – 4 feet long, two feet wide, and over 2 feet deep.  As I walked by, my ducks waddled to get out of the way and our […]

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I know someone whose husband is making small, weak efforts to connect with her, to please her. They've been married twenty years today. What does she do?  Because his actions feel puny and she has felt so hurt by his insensitivity, she berates him, tells him how inadequate his efforts are.  What does he do? […]


I have animals.  LOTS of animals.  And they can get expensive. The other day, I was talking to God about how to pay for the things that they need … I was mostly just musing, not really stressing, but I did sort of say, "How are we going to do this, God?" (Because I feel […]