I talked with someone about what I perceived to be a loss; curiously, they saw it as an opportunity. Only time will tell which of us was right.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that we both were. Oh God, widen my field of vision  ….

The You, Not You

I spent some time with friends recently where we shared childhood memories. I am still that person from the stories – The way my eyes crinkle when I smile.  My voracious appetite to learn.  My passion for animals.  My love of God. But I am also that person no longer.   I have grown beyond […]


I have a friend who trains horses and he often refers to "Try" – he wants a horse that will make an attempt for him.  It doesn't matter that they are successful or that they do it well, just that they show some small effort.  Over time, that honest activity will become success. Over the […]


I was listening to a podcast that was describingthe voice in your head that tells you that you are an impostor …  And I realized I hear that voice often. There are people who would call that voice "The Resistance" Others would say it originates in your "Lizard Brain" – the part of you that […]

Prince of Egypt

Last night we watched the Prince of Egypt out on the lawn.  Every summer we do an animated movie outside – its like Throw-back Thursday, only instead of a photo, it is a movie. It was interesting to hear the comments from the now-adult-children.  One remarked how sad it was that the relationship between Ramses […]