The Value of One

My husband commented that I looked particularly unhappy when I played my cello with the worship team this week. There were multiple issues – I had a terrible headache, I was somewhat preoccupied with some deep thoughts, and we recently had a change of leadership due to the impending move of the former leader. Now […]


      "I think we have two lives. The one we learn with; And the one we live with after that."                                                                                   -Iris, The Natural


One of my strengths is that, in general, I mean what I say and say what I mean. My kids find this both comforting, and maddening.  I have heard them say, on more than one occasion, "Once she says 'no' that's it – there's no moving her." But there are some places I am quite […]


I have needed to have several things contracted out at our home recently.  It has been a struggle to work with their time frames … they are narrow and not so accommodating.  As a result, in order to work with them, I had to cancel or shift around several of the things normally in my […]


We need to be connected. My daughter is home from her first year of college … she has been home about four days and she says repeatedly, "I miss my people." My son has left for a week-long camp.  It's rare for him to be gone from home and I feel his absence. As I […]