Just Ask

I recently took a flight that normally takes 1 hr 40 min … yet we arrived in 1 hr 13 min.  Why?  Because the Airport I flew into has an airshow tomorrow and they wanted to practice today, so they requested all incoming flights to come earlier or later, to create an open window where they […]


When going on a trip, do you  A) Bring everything … so that you are prepared, so you can help others who don't have "x", love choices, and enjoy bringing much of you to wherever you are going? or B) Bring as little as possible, feeling the challenge to use everything you brought and for […]

Cyber Demons

What do you do when you are facing a deadline and nothing cyber will work? Do it again and again and again. Try the help people, who often are no help. Try typing in what you think the link might be to circumvent the problem. Sigh. Close all open applications to see if they are […]

Do Something Different

Its quoted so often that it is now a cliche' – Einstein's comment about insanity being a function of doing the same thing, yet hoping against hope for some different result. I believe we are seriously blind to this in ourselves; yet it is SO easy to see in others.  I talked with several people […]

Killer Bees

So somehow we got on the topic of killer bees and as I Googled them to see the latest, there was a moving map that showed when they first were seen in the US and then to date how far North they had marched. In a relatively short time, they have spread over several states. […]