When you genuinely help someone, you feel better about yourself. Generosity of spirit actually pays pretty good dividends. Not so many words, but much thought about this topic, of late.     PS  For those of you who have been asking … Poor Camilla died yesterday.  She went peacefully, with no distress. She had a […]


I recently became acquainted with Call The Midwife, a PBS show set in 1947 based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a young nurse and midwife in London's East End.  The episodes are both intrguing and horrifying, as one gets to see life in that era – in all its simplicity and lack of advances. […]


It is easy to be intentional, when you know where you're going.  However, when you lose your destination, or even just general direction, then a viable "what next" becomes difficult. I believe all people, even the most focused lose their way occasionally. In mountaineering, if you become lost, you return to the last place that […]

Half Full

Recently, I realized that the vast majority of my friends and people I come in contact with are quite a bit more intelligent than I am.  Yes, really. I can look at this and feel inferior, or I can say: How fortunate am I, that I get to relate with people of such high caliber? […]

Both / And

I saw this picture today, and loved the both / and quality of it.  Without much commentary, I am asking: what in my life is more than it appears to be on the surface?